AxieInfinity - Monetize💰your time playing 🎮

Axie infinity is the new opportunity making part of this fantastic revolution of games using block chain technology. Which basically means that you can make money playing! Everything thanks to the new Etherum system that many online games are using. This turns a simple game in a complete market, the market has its rules, and its competition. And of course, as all markets in the world, Axie infinity gives you the opportunity to make money.

It’s very interesting to see the kind of opportunities that are getting popular nowadays among the young people. Something that was taken as a myth (making money playing videogames) is a reality no one can deny these days. Playing Axie infinity can be done out of boredom, but it can also be a serious investment. If you want to learn the details about Axie Infinity keep reading, we’ll explain everything about the game and how it works.

What is Axie Infinity?​

Axie infinity is an online game as anyone else, counts with more than 400.000 active users daily and counting. It’s based in a fictitious world where we can buy, breed, use and exchange virtual creatures called “Axies” .

These creatures will count with special abilities, different aspects, statistics that you can improve, objects, and etc. They are used to accomplish missions as the main character of our adventure, clearing on player levels and fighting other players too.

As a reward in your adventures you will receive the official crypto currency on Axie Infinity “AXS” or “SLP”.

They have a price in Etherum and they work exactly as a conventional crypto currency. They can be used to improve your status in-game, or you can sell them or trade them to other players to make some money.

Take into account that you have to buy your own Axies to play, and the cheapest of these cost 200$ each .

Is Axie Infinity safe?​

At this point, we know that this game is dealing with real money, so I’m sure you are wondering “Is this safe?”. Axie Infinity is a relatively new project, as all these kind of games using block chain technology to have their users winning money.

However, it does look like a respectable project, some of the companies supporting the project are: Samsung, Binance, Ubisoft, Upbit, and others. As you may know, these are respectable companies with global reach, which does gives Axie Infinity reliability.

Is Axie Infinity a good investment?​

This is the great question most of the people do when it comes to this kind of game. Personally I believe that you really have to know a business before getting into it, you should really investigate all you can.

You can win crypto by playing this game , but that’s not the only important thing. Time, effort, and money that you invest at first are also valuable resources. You can make money with Axie Infinity, but if you are someone who has never played a videogame you shouldn’t do it.

However, if you are passionate about videogames, have the money to invest (you need to pay to play), and have some free time you should give it a try. Many people are already playing the game not just for fun but to make money. Kind of like a part time job (sometimes a full-time).

We will explain now how you can make money in Axie infinity and how much you can make, so you come to your own conclusions. This modality is called Play to earn (PTE).

How do people make money in Axie Infinity?​

Trading the objects and rewards the game itself gives, you can exchange them for Etherum, and of course that’s money! There are many different ways to make money , some of them you can even imagine, not this one.

For example, these “Axies” have a really relative price on the market, and some of them have sold for even 500.000$! Believe it or not, selling a weird virtual pokemon on the Internet for that sum of money is amazing! There is people who breeds Axies for some time and then sell them to other users.

Now, there is other curious way to make money in Axie Infinity too. As you know you have to buy Axies to play, but they are expensive for a game, but what if you rented your Axies?

Interesting, there is people who rents their Axies for a price, or even directly take parts of the earnings of the users. So there is people that sub-pays other people to play Axie Infinity!

As we all can see, Axie Infinity is not just a game, it has become in a whole serious market based on Non Fungible Tokens!

How much money can you earn playing Axie Infinity and how to so​

Depending on the time you invest on it at first, and how much you have invested in your Axies you can win more or less. Some people make around 30$ to 60$ a day playing three hours a day.

It also depends, if you rent your Axies for other people to play, you can make even more earnings. But of course, this is all attached to how much you are willing to invest in Axies.

But at least, we could state with a serious base, that you can make a significant income out of playing Axie Infinity consistently. And of course, as typical, there are staking and gambling options.

Should I invest in Axie Infinity?​

Now, you shouldn’t rush into investing on Axie Infinity, don’t be fearful about getting left behind. All of these are new projects and you can take them easily, see how it goes, and then invest your money.

My personal advice about this kind of business is, and it will always be, don’t take these sites as your full-time job. Also, make sure you know a little about gaming before getting into it.

But is definitely worth to try out!