- Crypto Gaming Platform with Crypto Faucet is a webpage that offer us a system of saving and staking to win crypto everyday with the least effort. “Saving!?” you may ask, yes. The difference from to any other crypto websites is that you can earn bitcoin passively for free. That’s the key of’s success, that is one of the few pages online that allow you to perceive winnings without investing on it . It’s pretty easy to do, just by solving a captcha you are ready to go.


This is just one of the benefits that this page gives you. However, all of these sites should be treated carefully. We are not trying to sell you anything, we will explain the site’s functioning here, and how to win crypto with

Take into account that this website is one of the most recognized of the internet, it’s relatively new, but it has proven to be really good. With many users online every day, and the possibilities it provides you is a good option to go for.

The best is that you don’t need to invest money, just a few minutes of the say, it’s amazing. If you want to know more about make sure you read this post until the end.

Can I win crypto for free in​

The answer is yes; you can win crypto in by accessing your account many times on the day. They will give you free Satoshis every hour until you reach a limit in the day. The only thing you need to do is register in the webpage with you e-mail and verify that it is your e-mail. Then, you will be already participating, it will give you 25 satoshis every hour. And the daily limit to receive is 1800 satoshis , but you make good income.

It’s important to know that there is a minimum amount of withdrawal, 0.00005000 BTC. Which means that you won’t be able to take your money if you don’t have at least this number of bitcoin.

You can also win more depending on the rank that you have on the page and also by staking and gambling. If you don’t like these options you can simply hold your money, and they will give you a bonus for keeping your crypto in the website.

But if you are a little more ambitious you can play many different games there are to win crypto. They depend a lot on luck, it’s true, but you can win more if you are familiar with the strategies!

There is also a great feature called “cashback” which rewards you with the website’s token every time you lose! Let’s state things clear, you still lose, but this is a very kind system that makes losses more easy to handle.

There are great opportunities in, you should not let it pass, at the end it’s free.

How does web works?​

Betfury’s winnings are based obviously in the income all of the players have in stake, and the holders. There are many ways owners win, and it’s cool because if you make them win you win too. You can think is good or bad, but the truth is this is an honest way to make everyone win. For example, counts with a referral system , which will allow you to invite your friends and have an interest of what they do.

If you invite a friend and comes to the page and actually start using it you will have some money paid any time he stakes, plays, or holds crypto on Betfury. Which will generate you a lot of money if you invite the right people , this is a good way to win too!

You also win by holding the website’s crypto, and staking on it, it’s a win or win.

Is safe?​ is online since 2019 , it’s not as much time as other staking sites, but lately it became popular. Since their last update they have included some of the juicy features we were talking about before. This made that many people become interested on the page, and some of them have seen good results. The options about the page are positive , and there are no huge scandals surrounding the page’s reliability.

Also, if the page was scam it would have already vanished from the web a long time ago. Of course, one can never trust 100% this kind of site. Even less if they are offering free crypto every day, it may sound like too good to be true.

If you have the minimum amount required you can take your money out to your wallet, or even use it in other yield farming pages. But you can also hold it on and keep making income just for having the money there.

The best strategy to win in​

As always, we wouldn’t recommend you to have this as your main activity. Don’t even try to feed your family by holding crypto on It’s true that as many gambling sites, is a very dangerous online casino, where you can lose a lot of money. But this is just in the case you actually invest money on it. Personally, I don’t see anything bad about using the page for some time every day as a hobby . Maybe to generate an amount that you don’t mind losing. Or simply to receive your crypto for free and taking it out at the first chance you have.

If this is the case things change, it’s a great opportunity for you to do it, at least just for fun. If you win hurray! If you don’t is not the end of the world, for the ones that want a good activity to kill time it’s perfect.

A thing that you can do is to gather up some crypto for one week, and then, try to stake some and see how it goes! The only thing you can lose are a few clicks, try it out!