Bitcoin Gaming FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a software for Internet payment and at the same time an independent currency that can be exchanged for local currencies such as euros, francs or US dollars. Bitcoin is accepted by many established companies and online casinos as a currency and payment method.

How does Bitcoin work?
Once you have downloaded the software to your PC or mobile phone, you can buy Bitcoin online or exchange it at various official exchange offices on the Internet. You will then be able to download the Bit Coins you have purchased using the software. When you pay, you will receive a contact number to which you can transfer the amount due in the currency unit using your Bitcoin software.

Can it be used in online casinos?
Since 2014, more and more global companies such as Expedia, Microsoft or Dell have been accepting payment with Bitcoins, and more and more online casinos are following suit. In the meantime, there are already several online casinos for Germany that allow deposits and withdrawals.

Which casinos allow Bitcoin payments?
Starting in 2019, a good dozen online casinos like German players will give you the opportunity to use virtual currency. Month by month there will be more and more providers where you can pay with virtual currency. The best and most recommended Bitcoin Casino sites can be found in a constantly updated list here on this forum.

Is Bitcoin legal?
Even though the Bitcoin software has been banned in some countries like Russia or Bolivia, you can pay with the new online currency in almost every country in the world, including the US, Europe as well as in many African and Asian Countries, completely legally and without obstacles and restrictions.

Is it legal to use Bitcoin casinos?
The answer is yes: it is just as legal to use Bitcoin casinos as it is to use traditional gambling sites. You will have no problem with that. Regardless, the unregulated nature of cryptocurrencies ensures that you can have free play as long as you are responsible for yourself.

Can BTC be used safely?
Bitcoin is considered to be more secure than all known e-payment services. Only by using your software on computer or mobile device can you access your account and make payments. Of course, you also have to be careful of hackers. If these hackers gain access to your computer, they can clear your entire account without any major problems.

How are winnings paid out?
The casino winnings are also available in Bitcoin and can be downloaded into your software. From there you can either use the Bitcoins to buy and pay bills from other online services or to sell and convert them into Euros.

How is Bitcoin compared to other methods?
Compared to traditional methods, Bitcoin payment is particularly fast and secure. Anonymity of payment is also preferred by many gamblers. Some people also use Bit Coins as an investment opportunity, keep their casino online winnings and hope to achieve a higher return in the long run by increasing their value than by investing euros with a bank.

Are Bitcoin casinos safe?
The question of security is always important, but it can’t be answered so broadly. As with all other casinos, it depends on how you proceed personally. For example, if you choose “ABC123” or similarly easy to guess combinations as your password, you won’t be surprised about a hacked account.

However, if you comply with all the security regulations, your balance on the different platforms is basically safe. We recommend not buying Bitcoin directly from a casino. Instead, we recommend a provider like Binance, which meets all the requirements for a good Bitcoin purchase and exchange.

Do I get a bonus when I deposit with Bitcoin?
It always depends where and how much you deposit. As you can see from our three examples above, all options have a deposit bonus for depositing with Bitcoin. Usually the bonus on your first deposit is the largest and gives you a 100% bonus, doubling your balance. Some companies also offer bonuses on the second or further deposits and try to attract even more new customers.

Can I try the Bitcoin slot games at online Casinos first?
Yes, most Bitcoin casinos let you test the games offered with play money in advance. This has the advantage that you can get used to the game. This makes our Bitcoin Casino experience even more positive, as beginner errors in the game are avoided and the risk of loss is reduced. As a side effect you may even notice that you really like a certain game, although you would never have tried it without the free play.

What happens if my Bitcoin slot game freezes in the middle?
Again and again, computer crashes or Internet problems can cause your game to freeze in the middle of a round and you can’t finish it. The provider usually solves the problem by automatically terminating the started round on the server. Potential winnings are still transferred to your account as if you were still connected to the game.

Is my BTC deposit safe at Bitcoin Casinos?
Our experience at Bitcoin Casinos has shown that most providers rely on cold wallets to secure users’ deposits without getting connected the online world. Online traffic, on the other hand, does not use the customer’s funds, but those of the company. Read more about cold storage of cryptocurrencies.

Can I become a Bitcoin Casino VIP player?
This depends on the Bitcoin casino, but is generally a possibility if your casino offers VIP status. The fastest way to become a VIP player is to play a lot and often. In addition to 24-hour service, VIP players often receive special gifts or bonus offers.