- Earn Crypto Playing💰The Cutest Blockchain Collectible Game😺

BlockchainCuties is a game with unique mechanics and great adventures. You can have beautiful little pets, breed them, level them up, and more. These pets are called cuties, and they are peculiar, pets that are also cryptos! Earning money while having fun is something that can intrigue anyone, do you want to know more? Keep reading!


What is BlockchainCuties?​

Blockchaincuties is a videogame that can be played on any browser you use. Your cuties are your capital in this game, you will use them to farm and fight other players. Starting to play blockchaincuties is free , and you will be getting better objects and rewards as you advance.
Of course, you can invest some money to win stats, new items, and other advantages faster. You can buy energy to send your cuties on adventures, buy items to boost their stats. Even buy new cuties to breed. The difference between blockchaincuties and any other game with micro-payments is you have the money back! You can win different objects and treasures that you can sell. The payments in-game are done with Ethereum , and you can sell your objects for the same currency!

What are cuties?​

The cuties are the main characters of the game. They go on raids, have adventures, collect treasures, defeat bosses, and fight against each other. Each cutie is unique, no matter how similar can be to other, and a cutie is 100% of your property.

This is a disclaimer that appears in the official website of the game. You can trade or change your cutie whenever you like, and give it to whoever you like.

The cuties have different features that make them better and more unique, and of course, increases its value!

There are three types of cutie:

  • Regular cuties: Are the normal pets that everyone has when starting the game, they accomplish basic features.
  • Tribute cuties: They are cuties and also references to a character, movie, or anything from real life, for example: Winnie Poo.
  • Unique cuties: Are those cuties difficult to obtain, they boast stats and characteristics above average. They are rare and unique, with great value and potential.

There is another important distinction to make, there are normal cuties and noble cuties. Noble cuties allow the player into different features of the game, such as feudalism and having your own army!

How are cuties valuable?​

Buying and selling cuties can be a very profitable business. Once a cutie was sold for 600 Etherum , which would be like 230.000USD . They can be sold, given to other player, and exchanged for another cutie.

They work though intelligent contracts in Etherum, which means cuties are practically a cryptocurrency themselves. There is also an off chain in-game coin in block chain cuties. It’s called “pawn coins” used to buy items of the game.

Cuties can be directly sold for Etherum tokens.

How to earn money by playing BlockchainCuties?​

However, even better than selling you cuties, it would be best to use them to farm , and make more income. A cutie that has been leveled up enough, and has some good stats can be good to gain items. These can be sold as well.

There is a million different ways to make money in block chain cuties . You just have to study the different opportunities the game offers. The in-game economy is just as complex and structured as a real life country’s economy!

You can trade items in the game’s market, farm items to sell them, level up cuties to sell them. These are just some ways, but trust me, there are so many.

How much money can you make with BlockchainCuties?​

Now, playing this game can generate money, yes! But I’d encourage you not to try to make a living out of this. Of course, playing block chain cuties can be just as any other trading business you get into.

The market changes, also prices, and there is no assurance that you will multiply your earnings. It’s pretty difficult to lose money, that’s a positive point, but is not for sure that you will win.

Technically, it’s possible to become rich with block chain cuties . It has the same chances that any other cryptos have. Of course, the developer’s intention is that people win money with the game full time!

But the game isn’t just as far yet, we’ll see, do you think block chain cuties will become in someone’s gold mine?