Coin Lottor Play to earn cryptocurrency

Coin Lottor is cryptocurrency lottery you can play to win big pool prize is $1000,000 make your dream come true with coin lottor

How to play

Create or login to Coin lottor account
Click on buy button, Buy ticket with bnb or busd
Select 5 numbers and Wait for the draw

If you match 5/5 you will win $1000,000 in Busd
If you match 4/5 you will winn $100,000 in Busd
If you match 3/5 you will win $300 in Busd

The withdraw is automatic you will receive your winning amount instantly in your wallet

amazing just bought some lines wish me luck, $1,000,000 is a huge prize

I’m also betting with Ole 777 since you can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency with no fees at all.