Virtual Cat Game 🐱 that teaches us about Blockchain technology

CryptoKitties was a game created by the Canadian company AxiomZen, and it is a game of collectable cats where you can raise, buy, and trade digital cats using the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contracts. The purpose of is in part to facilitate the understanding process for newcomers to the crypto environment and to provide a very entertaining game for cat lovers all over the world, playing while learning how smart contracts work, and how to use wallets to transfer tokens.


In order to access the game, you must download Metamask wallet, a Google Chrome browser extension that enables users to interact with other applications on the Ethereum network.

Origins of the CryptoKitties game​

The CryptoKitties are a collection of kittens that were born in 2017 and have become fashionable and viral, just as the use of Blockchain as a technology in general has become viral.

What is the CryptoKitties game?​

The game itself consists of raising cats and collecting new copies of them, to trade or sell them with other users inside the game. Having two Kitties of different gender means that you can breed them, which would establish a new contract for a new kitty, so you’ll have to pay approximately a fee of $ 1.50 per Kitty.

Subsequently, those cats, which basically combine the unique characteristics (256-bit numbers) of their ‘parents’ to generate a new one and have unique characteristics, are entirely ours. Remember that these offspring can be sold in the game’s purchase and sale system.

Each kitten has a different set of attributes than the rest. Each cat can be bred with other cats to create even rarer kitties with different attributes, since each token is unique, this means that “collectors” and players in general, may have the motivation that the files and crypto assets they have bought (or bred) can be worth even more in the future.

This is important because the price of each kitten depends on its characteristics. What we know is that there are billions of possible combinations.

Marketing and way of playing CryptoKitties​

The price of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) varies, and it does so based on market speculation and the value that users attribute to these assets. The example of the collection of cats is perfect to explain it, and it is that, if there are billions of possible combinations, we can get practically an unlimited number of cats and all of them with different characteristics, so, it’d be near impossible to get a kitty the same as any other your probable own.

Let’s not forget that Ethereum (ETH) is not limited or it is not encoded in its “hash” to be finite as Bitcoin (BTC) is. This allows the invention of cool games like

The prices of these adorable pets are in a really wide range between 0.001 ETH and 999+ ETH, where obviously the ups and downs of the Ether cryptocurrency will directly affect the final price of the NFT that represents the kitten.

Collect and trade CryptoKitties in one of the world’s first blockchain games. Breed your rarest cats to create the purrfect furry friend. The future is meow!