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Freebitcoin is the best Bitcoin Faucet to claim Free Satoshis every hour and the most popular. This faucet is paying Bitcoin since 2013 to all its registered users, freebitcoin has distributed large amount of Free Bitcoin as a reward for the free BTC function (FreeRoll) on its platform. Earning money in the internet is something that many people is into these days, even more with the quarantine. So you might have heard about, a page where you can multiply your winnings in bitcoins easily.


Let me tell you that this is not as easy as you think. There are many things you have to know about the site before joining in. Remember that money is something that people earns with hard work. Sadly, nobody is going to give you money easily.

Today we will talk about in depth. We will ask the most frequently asked questions, and give you some tips about the page. I will not sell you anything, this is a transparent review of the page and how it works.

If you want to know how can be for you benefit (or not) keep reading this post until the end.


Is legit? Or scam?​

This is the first everyone asks, and with a good reason. The thing is, these sites can never prove themselves 100% legit. Meaning, they can be legit, but they will never totally convince people of that, and that’s ok.

Reality is that these sites can’t prove to us that they are 100% legit, unless you know the owner of the site. However, we can tell by the facts how reliable is, for example: is a site that has been existing since 2013. Around 100 million people visit this site every month. And it is the second most popular crypto-gambling site of the greatest country of the world: Russia. It’s also popular in other countries like Venezuela, Brazil. And Ukraine.

And is also the only site of the world that allows you to perceive Satoshi earnings for free. Which is interesting at least, considering that in other sites you need to make a deposit first.

Why is people speaking so badly about​

There are facts that can tell us that these guys are not up to scam . I mean, come on, do you know how hard is to amass that kind of public on the web? I don’t think that nobody with good reasoning would be able to dump that capital. Of course, that is not a 100% assurance that everything is right…

There has been negative feedback to the page lately, I suggest you don’t even pay attention to it. People who don’t know how to lose complains about the site online all of the time.

It’s true that there are many people who say the site is good, bad, excellent, pure trash, scam, and etcetera . You can’t trust any of them unless you know them personally, so don’t even bother for it.

How do you play​ works with a peer to peer gambling system that gives you practically equal chances of winning and losing. There are many different ways to make money with , and many gambling games.

All of them have their tricks and things that everyone has to know by playing. There are gambling games against another player. Where you will logically have more chances of winning if your bet is higher.

And, there are other games where you gamble with a machine, that works with an algorithm. And this is the interesting part, we will go to that in a minute.

Basically, is a site where you can get rewards and a determinate number of tokens to play, Satoshis. You can deposit your own Satoshi, or you can also wait for your account to accumulate certain amount and play with that .

As you get more reputation and time on the site your rewards will increase. Then, when you reach a minimum amount, you can withdraw your earnings, sounds simple, right?

Strategy to win on​

There is people that invest a lot of time and money to study the algorithm patterns. So you can learn how to “control” the algorithm to win, this is completely legal, you should not be banned for this.

The only way to know is by researching and especially by trying it out yourself. However, you know how this is, we are talking about money here, is not as easy as you think.

Also, the algorithms may change at any time, making it a lot difficult to do this kind of thing.

How to win money in​

There are many ways, but I personally feel that I must give you an advice that may serve in any site of this kind: Don’t be greedy.

That’s exactly why people lose, so watch out and never lose the north. Also, I hope you are not thinking about living out of a site like this, that could end up in disaster.

But if you are going to use it to win a little spare money, in amounts that you don’t mind losing, I think you got the point! Good luck!